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 SGW Breakdown Per Player

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PostSubject: SGW Breakdown Per Player   Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:05 pm

*OK Please see the list below for SGW CPS, I will set the amount once both guilds have confirmed the list. Potential Problems- Easily missed you on the list when I’m going through the list. The minimum appearance for SGW is 3 going upwards. It has been like this since day my first SGW, thus only appeal you have is to check the list and see if I missed you. One thing I can say is don’t B.S if you were only accounted for 2, please don’t make up a story and say you were there for the third to be on the list. 29k cps will be distributed within two weeks. This should give players enough time to read the post and address myself or my homie Paul in case we didn’t record you for that week. (Strong possibility but I got the list on lockdown for most of the time at least, can’t say the same for Paul LOL)

* I have this in a word document if you must see but you can quickly glance through the posts from the first week to see how many you did.

*Last Note I appreciate the turnout, wish we actually had a SGW to celebrate but hopefully a merge/server transfer happens in 2012. PEACE

Players Number of Appearances @ SGW 2011

†®üêÞáíñ 5
Mareike 5
-NuckingFuts- 5
Einmazzengrab 5
ThêGreatArcher 5
Speed_Haxor 4
{*>Stëvên<*} 5
Louveria 4
Golden†Angel 5
aki_84 5
DucereMortis 5
Fourth†Element 5
†Arcadia! 4
Mitchellew. 5
Tao_Shumaru 4
~Valencia~ 3
Naz`Gul 3
|CøørsLigh†| 3

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PostSubject: Re: SGW Breakdown Per Player   Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:50 pm

Trololololololololol Twisted Evil
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SGW Breakdown Per Player
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